With the vast majority of companies heading towards digitization, many are convinced that this is their ticket to increase productivity and upscale company growth. As the business landscape continually adopts this change, becoming an everyday norm, many companies are happy about their improvements in data analysis, streamlined operations, and digital presence.

However, along with these advances are threats. Cybersecurity has become a pressing concern for many firms—big and small. In a study by Check Point, a record number of 900 cyber-attacks per week were aimed at organizations in the fourth quarter of 2021 by cybercriminals. Resources and valuable data must be protected in response to the growing crisis. Some companies invested in an eKYC portal or Know Your Customers verification and other cyber security strategies to prevent hackers from ruining their business.

Aside from company-friendly computer software, here are other ways to surround your establishment with the protection it needs from potential data theft by digital perpetrators.

Data Encryption

Data encryption is one of the best strategies a company can invest in for better company security. This works by making text and email messages in an unreadable format. Through encryption, a layer of defense is applied to sensitive company and employee information, avoiding a data breach. Also, using anti-malware & anti-virus programs can help notify employees about suspicious websites or files for easy identification and elimination.

Security-Focused Workplace Culture

It is essential to educate employees about security measures to avoid cyber-attacks. To protect their devices against being accessed by cybercriminals, they should be able to identify secure networks from unsecured networks in the organization. This will help them learn to keep sensitive information within the firm’s trust circle.

Digital Identity Verification

Businesses are more at risk due to hybrid work arrangements. Employers who use their devices to work could access company documents to unauthorized people.  Passwordless authentication and FIDO2 certified biometric authentication are recommended for identity verification. These are some solutions that provide strong protection against hackers and cyberattacks from disrupting one’s business.

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