How to Build Your Own Podcast Studio

A podcast studio is essential for the production of audio podcasts. The quality of sound depends on a number of factors, including microphone quality and the environment you record in. The first thing to invest in is a quality microphone. If you are recording in a room with thin walls, you may end up with a poor sound quality.

Audio Technica 2005USB

For people who have just started podcasting, the Audio Technica 2005USB podcast studio is an ideal entry-level solution. It comes with a cardioid microphone that eliminates background noise, two XLR microphone inputs, a USB plug, and a headphone jack. The studio boom arm and USB cord allow you to connect your mic and other equipment to a mixing desk or computer.


Alitu is a free, online podcast studio that allows you to create podcast episodes with ease. The application allows you to record and upload audio tracks and even add a theme track automatically. It also features a built-in editor that allows you to edit each track and create a unified episode flow. In addition to the built-in editor, Alitu also offers features such as automatic editing and podcast hosting.

Blackmagic Equipment

When building your own podcast studio, consider using equipment from Blackmagic Design. This company manufactures high-quality cameras and audio equipment, and their products are used by many in the industry. For example, their DeckLink 4K Extreme 12G capture card is used by many in the media server industry. This switcher allows you to switch between multiple cameras and displays YouTube videos and websites in full screen. It can connect to eight inputs.

Rode Procaster Microphones

Rode Microphones are known for their high-quality audio equipment. They also sell entry-level kits for podcasting beginners, such as the Rodecaster Pro. This dynamic microphone is a favorite of many audio enthusiasts, and it can do the job of a broadcast quality microphone without the price tag.

iZotope Nectar

The iZotope Nectar Podcast Studio is an affordable software package that lets you record your podcast in a variety of formats. It also includes tools for mixing voice tracks. This tool suite includes EQ, compression, gating, and other essential features for podcasting. It is recommended by iZotope and costs $20 when it is on sale.

iZotope Nectar companion app

The iZotope Nectar podcast studio companion app is a comprehensive tool for enhancing vocal production. The app features twelve vocal production modules, including Harmony EQ, De-Esser EQ, Saturation EQ, Gate and Dimension. With this app, you can improve your podcast’s quality and consistency.

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